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Friday, December 20, 2019

Exclusive traditional Mukaish work Chikankari

Lucknow, a city of diverse culture and heritage is renowned for its many treasures. Its name is synonymous with royal architecture, its craft, the aromatic fragrance of itar (perfumes), polished speech, delectable cuisine, and cordial hospitality. The amalgamation of various cultural ingredients has contributed to the richness and authenticity of the city. 

Actress, Karisma kapoor in traditional Mukaish work chikankari sari

Embroidery has been a source of income in Lucknow for centuries. Mokaish work is an integral part of Lucknow’s history as it originated in this city. This form of embroidery was first developed for the royalty that resided in the city as part of their finery since Mukesh work initially used precious metals like gold and silver to make threads.

Mukaish or Muqaish or Mukesh or Mokesh work is a form of embellishment work in which strips of metallic wire are inserted into the fabric and then twisted to create metallic embroidery. This type of embroidery involves twisting thin metallic threads to create patterns all over the fabric. Also referred to as ‘sachcha kaam’, real silver and gold were traditionally used for this work. However, a variety of threads and metals are now being used. This form of embroidery can be done on all kinds of clothing items, right from sarees, lehengas and salwar kameez to shirts, tunics, kurtis and more.

Actress ,Dia Mirza dressed in Chikankari mukaish work Anarkali

#clientdiaries, customized chikankari all over hand-embroidered Anarkali in pure Georgette with heavy Mukaish work

From the production house of Designer Chikankari, traditional pure Georgette Chikankari sari with all over Resham thread embroidery with additional Mukaish work for a special occasion

Bollywood inspired, showcasing the production of Designer Chikankari - Kalidar Anarkali in pure Georgette fabric with heavy Mukaish work matched with Chikankari embroidered dupatta

Mukaish work dresses have gained huge popularity in the world of fashion and these dresses are beautifully being fashionably flaunted by celebrities. Mukaish work dresses have also gained popularity among wedding and party wear, the gleaming work of Mukaish along with the delicateness of Chikankari makes the dresses stand out among the rest.

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Mukaishwork chikankari Anarkali in pure georgette fabric

Creating Heirlooms that are passed from one generation to another, weaving dreams, happiness, and capturing memories to cherish.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Traditional Chikankari of Lucknow

Lucknow Chikankari is one of its kind hand embroidery, a variety of stitching styles are involved in Chikan embroidery. It takes many years for an artisan to master the techniques of Chikankari, chikan embroidery requires discipline and precision of detail in its information.

The elegance of Chikankari is purely the skill of the artisan who has retained its originality and beauty. Lucknow is the main hub in India for excellent and intricate Chikankari work

Chikankari is largely influenced by Persian elements. Thus, the images created on Chikankari are usually pertaining to nature, such as vines, flowers, animals, peacock, tress, etc.

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