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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Mesmerizing Chikankari

Origin of Parsi can be traced back when the immigrant Persian traders went to China fell in love with the silk and finest oriental patterns.

Parsi work goes back to the bronze age Persia which makes it thousands of years old from this old age of art many people have different beliefs, some say that men traveled to China and brought silk fabric for their women. As the Parsi traveled in various parts in India, in Deccan they incorporated the zardozi embroidery and developed their unique style. Gara is the needlepoint technique that creates riots of colors on fabric which creates nature-inspired motifs like flowers, creepers, and birds. 

Parsi gara workshop

The Persian glory, Parsi Gara is considered as an emblem of ethereal elegance introduced by Parsi traders. Each garment reflects the enchanting story of hand-embroidered finery.

Designer Parsi gara chikankari Lehenga in pure georgette 

For those who desire exclusivity, for richly handcrafted chikankari items is a must in your collection.

Handcrafted Chikankari Lehenga in pure Georgette fabric with Parsi Gara embroidery 

Close up of richly adorned Paris gara with french knot
Magical hands at work

Scintillating Parsi Gara Anarkali in pure georgette fabric with fine intricate chikankari, this kalidar Anarkali enriched with Parsi Gara work with beautifully adorned with pearl work, sequence work matched with chikankari dupatta.

"The effortless elegance of chikankari "

"Handmade with love "

Creating Heirlooms that are passed from one generation to another, weaving dreams, happiness, and capturing memories to cherish.

Chikankari is largely influenced by Persian elements. Thus, the images created on Chikankari are usually pertaining to nature, such as vines, flowers, animals, peacock, tress, etc. 

Capturing the memories of every passionate client in this luxurious piece of Art

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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The charm of Traditional chikankari wear

Bridal traditional chikankari muukaish work Lehanga

Lucknow, the birthplace of Chikankari having its roots in the Mughal era, its an ancient art form. Its ethereal essence, the delicacy, and lightness of pattern, this heritage art technique sways Western as well as Asians. The magic of Chikankari white on white reflects the splendour of Indian handicrafts.

Traditionally handcrafted chikankari ghararaa in pure georgette fabric 
Designer chikankari sari richly adorned with sequence work

Chikankari technique is unique and standalone amongst all the traditional embroideries. While the modern Chikankari has been mixed and consolidated with the other traditional techniques the core of Chikan work stays true to its roots to this day.
Perfectly fused chikankari embroidery with Paris Gara embroidery in pure georgette Lehenga
Soft shades of chikankari lehenga in pure georgette adorned with sequence work

 Mesmerized by its utter simplicity and minuteness of the exquisite embroidery and its perfection.
Delicately handcrafted, romantic, and subtle is undoubtedly a delight.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Ethnic Chikankari handcrafted designer wear

Delicately, subtle, dreamy, traditional yet modern - Chikankari embroidery designs are undoubtedly a delight.  At Designer chikankari, we have mixed and consolidated traditional techniques the core of Chikan work retains and preserves to its roots yet sways and fascinates the modern trends of fashion catering to the new generation

Bollywood inspired Chikankari anarkali

Chikankari, the name resonates with India's rich culture, heritage, art, handicraft. With the fast-changing trends in the fashion industry, India has proved to preserve, flourish, nurture & give global recognition to Chikankari.

Traditionally handcrafted chikankari Anarkali in pure georgette

Handmade with love

Consumers delight and artisans pride. Chikankari forms an integral ethnic attire.
Lucknow Chikankari is one of its kind hand embroidery, a variety of stitching styles are involved in Chikan embroidery. It takes many years for an artisan to master the techniques of Chikankari, chikan embroidery requires discipline and precision of detail in its information.

Handcrafted chikankari  straight shirt in  pure silk fabric 

Gotta Patti chikankari Anarkali in pure georgette fabric

Lucknow is the birthplace of Chikankari and the largest exporter of this unique hand embroidery. Chikankari is a thing of pristine beauty a delicate shadow work, time-consuming process & laborious to produce.  Each piece undergoes through various stages - right from selection of fabric,  cutting of fabric, to block printing of motifs that are used as embroidery patterns.

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