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Saturday, October 19, 2019

                                                 Chikankari - A labor of love 

Indian textiles have a long and wide history. It has reached far and wide in the world, greatly admired for its expressions of beauty, culture, tradition, techniques, and aesthetics. Walking through the by lanes of  Lucknow - City of Nawabs. The whole city resonates it ancient, preserved art, architecture, and the richness of Chikankari. Chikankari , the word takes us back to the Mughal era. Greatly admired by Noor Jahan, nurtured and imbibed in the Indian culture this magnificent handicraft still captures and continues to be in vogue.

Lucknow - City of Nawabs

Chikankari developed its splendor and precision in Lucknow. As the fable suggests it was introduced by Noor Jahan, famous Mughal emperor wife Jahangir. Chikan means intricate or fine embroidery. Chikankari flourished under the Mughals and Nawabs but experienced a downtrend during the British trend. It picked up under the Industrial era. Now it has become a household name in all parts of India, so much it has become a must in every women's wardrobe. The variety it offers from simple Kurtis to intricate Anarkali fascinates women in all age groups. 
Chikankari work was initially developed on a white yarn known as Tanzeb. 
Nowadays, with changing trends it's done on various fabrics like chiffon, pure georgette, silk, voil , cotton as per the growing demands of the consumers. In Chikankari there is a pre-determined catalog of stitch ups and is customary for different types of stitching to emerge on the same piece of embroidery. The diverse types of chikankari stitches are taipachi, bakhia, murri, haath Katti, jaali, ghaas Patti, pechni, channa Patti etc.

The Chikankari embroidery has evolved through times and still remains delicate and graceful
Jaalis are more exotic and unique. The craftsmen for Jaalis, are becoming rarer as these require extremely intricate work. Examples are Makri ( spider-like ) and Taj Mahal Jaali work. 

The royalty of Chikankari reflects the sheer hard work to develop the perfection, finesse in the stitches which takes approximately one to two months for a single attire for completion. The price for these hand embroidered items justifies the sheer hard work of the trained artisans in comparison to the machine work.  Chikankari industry is solely based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Chikankari is quite mesmerizing art form that has left us its simple yet unique glam quotient. Chikankari maybe an old form but its definitely one of the most beautiful and appealing forms out there even today. The city of Lucknow is potentially the center of alluring, extremely aesthetic form of unique embroidery. An art that is extremely unique to this place, Chikankari has been religiously practiced in Lucknow for almost two entire centuries. But its initial roots did not originate from Lucknow. It flourished in the Mughal courts of Delhi in the 16th and 17th centuries up until the empire disintegrated and the craftsmen scattered across the expanse of the subcontinent. Some of the craftsmen came and settled comfortably in Lucknow. This is how this art form was initially conceived
and consolidated its roots

                                                        Bara  Imambara 

Lucknow is a beautiful ancient city, known for its beautifully built palaces, finely constructed mosques, charming temples designs and aging monuments. A city known as the Constantinople of the East, favored by the European voyagers at a point in time. It is perfectly in line with its architectural taste, polished culture, social acceptance, and limitless love for good living.

City of Nawabs 

 The culture of Lucknow is an amalgamation of cultural ingredients that has contributed to the richness and authenticity of the city. The culture of Lucknow is an amalgamation of sophistication, warmth, etiquette, courtesy, culture, and fine taste in standard of living.

Many cultural traits of the city have made the city quintessential of Tehzeeb. Lucknow is the most amazing home for cultures and cuisine but also the hidden crafts are one of its treasures. 

Chikankari the traditional art of Lucknow


Chikankari , this 400-year-old art remains a global sensation

 The floral patterns of chikankari goes hand in hand with the strong influence of Persia, flowers have always been stapled with stems, buti and leaves added in  complete design. Other embellishments include Mukaish, kamdani, badla, gotta Patti, sequence, beadwork, mirror work to give a richer look

                       Designer chikankari production

 The magic of needlework of Chikankari


Presenting Traditional  Chikankari Parsi gara Lehanga  in pure Georgette fabric reflects the artistry of our fine artisans, pure form of art . the magic created by the rich form of fusion of Chikankari with Parsi gara work with touch of royalty enhanced with sequence work to bring perfection in the Indian  traditional wear keeping the  art alive and preserved.

Keeping the Royal tradition alive in Lucknawi Styled Ghara and Sharara in pure Georgette fabric enriched with intricacies of fine hand embroidery with additional zardouzi work , sequence , zari work.

 For the contemporary brides of today's times....

 Stunning Organza Designer Chikankari Lehanga with fine hand embroidery with perfect fusion of Parsi gara embroidery enriched  additional  embellishments like sequence work , pouth , kathdana , zardouzi work , zari outline  . Perfect detailing is evident in its perfect balance of color coordination to make every special occasion memorable.......

  Fashionable Chikankari gown 
Exquisite fusion   of western with Indian traditional style to match with the changing trends of fashion globally

Thus, undoubtedly, the sheer variety of Lucknow Chikan work today is more bountiful than ever before. It is greatly in demand by the general urban masses, upper classes and celebrities in Bollywood and Hollywood alike.

                                                       Bollywood Chikankari

 Bollywood Actress Sonam Kapoor & beau Anand Ahuja dressed in traditional Chikankari on their wedding function


  Sridevi, late famous Bollywood actress in draped in classic chikankari sari of one of the most renowned Indian designers

 Shahrukh khan , dressed in traditional Sherwani in hand embroidered chikankari 


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