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Monday, January 13, 2014

Mukesh/ Kamdani / Badla - The metal wire/ Disk work on Chikankari.

In recent times the sequin work has totally been oversahdowed by this new form of Exquisite work called Mukesh / Badla / Kamdani......

Mukesh / Badla / Kamdani work are tiny disks/ TIKKI of silver or gold pieces that artists hand-sew meticulously throughout a garment to create an all-over shine and glitter effect. Artisans start the Mukesh / Badla / Kamdani process by flattening the metal threads used in zari work into the signature disk shape. Then, they space these metallic circles evenly throughout a garment, a technique that creates a soft shimmer that some people say looks like the luster of stars in a night sky.

Mukesh / Badla / Kamdani may be subtler than sequins, but when your Mukesh / Badla / Kamdani done apparel reflects in the light, you’ll get a gorgeous all-over glow that you just won’t get from any other embellishment.

Mukesh / Badla / Kamdani combines with Chikan is a real hit these days. Chikankari which itself is an intricate form of hand embroidery when combined with intricate silver disks hand-sewn throughout pure georgette fabric,  your dress will shimmer from every angle. Mukesh / Badla / Kamdani work, designer dresses take around 3-6 months of hard work to prepare. The even placement of Mukesh / Badla / Kamdani work tell a lot about the apparel and adds ot its look.

At Unique Chikan we have dedicated and self employeed Mukesh / Badla / Kamdani work workers to give that rich look to the apparel. These Chikan Combined with Mukesh / Badla / Kamdani are a must have for every dress collection wardrobe.

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