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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Timeless elegance of Chikankari

Laced with the beauty of delicacy, femininity and fine elegance, pretty patterns of flowers, petals and leaves work their way intricately on fine crispy muslin in summery hues…
The theme for most of the motifs today is stylized articulations of the Mughal time. The source of most design motifs in Chikankari is Mughal which draws their inspiration from Persian designs. Mughals’ traditional attributes reveal their affection for nature and landscapes.

The floral patterns of chikankari goes hand in hand with the strong influence of Persia, flowers have always been stapled with stems, buti and leaves added in complete design. Other embellishments include Mukaish

Other embellishments include Mukaish, kamdani , badla , gotta Patti, sequence, beadwork, mirror work to give a richer look

Chikankari is largely influenced by Persian elements.

Thus, the images created on Chikankari are usually pertaining to nature, such as vines, flowers, animals, peacock, tress  etc.

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