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Monday, May 11, 2020

Parsi Gara embroidery - Lyrical expression of nature

Origin of Parsi can be traced back when the immigrant Persian traders went to China fell in love with the silk and finest oriental patterns. 

It was from these traders that Persian traders brought luxurious silks with oriental patterns and gifted to women folk who enjoyed these luxurious beauties of fine colors.....

Parsi Gara

Parsi work goes back to the bronze age Persia which makes it thousands of years old from this old age of art many people have different beliefs, some say that men traveled to China and brought silk fabric for their women. As the Parsi traveled in various parts in India, in Deccan they incorporated the zardozi embroidery and developed their unique style. Gara is the needlepoint technique that creates riots of colors on fabric which creates nature-inspired motifs like flowers, creepers, and birds.

Parsi embroidery one of the finest and most beautiful styles of embroideries finding the place in the Indian Panorama of Art.

Anyone fond of embroidery work is sure to come across these neat embroidery styles with very tasteful motifs and color schemes which though is a heritage of the Persian community in India, however, is loved across the country and beyond.

Parsi Gara enjoys the heirloom status. It is so rare to find this masterpiece that women pass from one generation to the next as a treasured hand- me -down.

Indira Gandhi, the iron lady, the pride of India dropped in Parsi Gara embroidery sari

Under the Parsi patronage saris with Gara embroidery have known as Parsi sari. A sari with Parsi Gara embroidery can take anywhere from three to nine months to complete.

Parsi Gara enjoys the heirloom status

Showcasing Production of Parsi Gara at Designer Chikankari

 Chikankari fused with Paris Gara is a labor of love

Magic creation of artisan at work at production house of designer chikankari

We, a team of Designer Chikankari take immense pleasure in styling our dear customers Paris Gara orders.


Styling your Parsi Gara pieces - Customers pride, manufactures Delight

Unmatched beauty of Parsi Gara chikankari Lehanga in pure georgette

A classic piece of handcrafted Parsi Gara embroidery Lehanga is not just rare but a treasure. 

Customized 3 piece chikankari Lehanga in pure Georgette all over hand embroidered matched with organza dupatta adorned with various emblleshiment

Gara enjoys heirloom status.  Meticulously handcrafted by a skilled artisan the perfection, fitness is reflected in every weave, knot, stitch.  

Capturing the beauty of traditional Chikankari with perfect blend of Parsi Gara

Preserving the heritage of handcrafted Chikankari beautifully fused with Paris Gara adds unbeatable charm on pure georgette fabric chikankari lehenga adorned with various embellishment like sequence work, french knot, zardouzi work all over on blouse, lehenga and 3-meter dupatta.

Rich, royal Chikanakri Anarkali with Parsi Gara embroidery adorned with embellishment like pearl work, sequence work

Scintillating Parsi Gara Anarkali in pure georgette fabric with fine intricate chikankari, this kalidar Anarkali enriched with parsi gara work with beautifully adorned with pearl work, sequence work matched with chikankari dupatta.

Adorned with kathdana, pure georgette Anarkali
Finely handcrafted yoke Anarkali with Paris Gara embroidery

Charming Pristine Chikankari handcrafted traditional fused with Parsi Gara embroidery catering to the customer's orders to make every special occasion unforgettable

Finely handcrafted Starightshirt in pure Georgette fabric with Parsi Gara embriodery

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