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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Chikankari embroidery traditional wear

Exclusive handcrafted chikankari traditional wear

Lucknow, city of diverse culture and heritage is renowned for it's many treasures. Its name is synonymous with Royal architecture, polished speech, delectable cuisine and cordial hospitality. The amalgamation of various cultural ingredients has contributed to richness and authencity of the city. 


A labor of love 
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Embroidery has been source of main attraction, charm to passionate lovers of handcrafted chikankari across the world.

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Chikankari embroidery has evolved through times and still remains delicate and graceful. 

The royalty of chikankari reflects the sheer hard work to develop the perfection, finesse in stitches which takes approximately one or two months for single attire completion. 

At Designer chikankari we still retain its originality, quality and charm and still competing with modern trends of fashion industry. 

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