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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Lucknowi handcrafted chikankari party wear

Exquisitely handcrafted chikankari wear

Chikankari, soul pleasing graceful hand embroidery with its rich heritage dating back to Mughal era patronised by Noor jahan, wife of Jehangir. 

Chikankari motifs are based in nature. Bountiful flowers, paisely pattern, leaves are most common. 

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Chikankari, soft , soothing, delicately handcrafted has found its prominence in today's fashion industry with its unique appeal. 

Chikankari, an embodiment of grace, feminity, when embellished looks unmatched and outstanding. 

At Designer chikankari, we have retained the grace, originality of handembroidery chikankari. This piece of art reflects the perfection, finesse, beauty, dedication and skill of karigars. 

Chikankari when fused with parsi gara embroidery, the effect is magical. 

Chikankari, technique is unique and standa-alone
amongst all the traditional embroideries. While modern chikankari has been mixed and consolidated with traditional techniques to core of Chikan work stays true to its roots even this day

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