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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Chikankari embroidery

 Chikankari, delicate artfully hand embroidery

Originating from Lucknow, India and having its roots in Mughal era, chikankari embroidery techniques is an ancient form. Chikankari is unique and stands alone amongst the traditional embroideries.

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The classy, simple, precise handwork on the garment, gives it subtle, classy feel that modern embroidery techniques lack. 

The most common motif used in Chikankari embroidery are flowers, paisely, these motif are depict stories in nature.

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Today, Lucknow is the hub of this intricate needlework, which has rapidly grown in fame, even on international shores. 

"If you dont own chikankari you are missing something"

#handmadewithlove #clientappreciation#chikankari 

#handmadewithlove #clientappreciation#chikankari 

At Designer chikankari we still retain its originality, quality and charm with modern trends of fashion industry. Today, 400 year plus ola art form remains a global sensation. 

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