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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The city of Lucknow blends royalty, culture, religion, architecture, art into each other than any other state of India. The skill and craftsmanship of Karigars of Lucknow art are unbeatable, for centuries hand embroidery is the main source of income of the majority of families and the perfection and mastery in this art is moving at an unimaginable pace. Global demand, appreciation, and recognition of this is evident. Hollywood famous artist Judi Dench gave global recognition of the art of Chikankari on the red carpet.

Elegant chikankari pure Georgette designer sari with Mukaish work from the house of production of designer Chikankari

Showcasing Designer Lehanga in pure Georgette with heavy Mukaish work from the house of Designer Chikankari production

Origin & history

  Mokaish or Mukaish work is an integral part of Lucknow history as it originated in the city. This form of embroidery was first developed by the royalty that resided in the city as a part of finery since Mukaish was initially used with precious gold and silver to make threads.

 The craftsmanship of Lucknow is unparalleled. This type of embroidery involves twisting of thin metallic threads to create patterns all over on the fabric. Mukaish work an exclusive embellishment is usually done on various Chikankari attires like Bridal Lehangas, Saris, Sharara, Anarkali, Chikankari dupattas, embroidered shirts. Pure Mukaish sari are highly exclusive Mukaish work was itself seen as accompanied to Chikankari.

Customized Chikankari dupatta from the house of production of Designer Chikankari

This embroidery has been still and widely used to enhance the beauty of Chikankari garment.  Mukaish work is an intensive craftwork, a high skilled laborious work involving hundreds of hours for the perfect completion of a masterpiece.

Style & Variety

Mukaish work embroidery can be manifested in two ways:
 Fardi ka kaam & Kaam Dani


Kamdani, in this work wire is attached to a small length of thread to make the process easier. These wires can be worked into a number of patterns and motifs   

Splendid craft of Mukaish work by our skilled workers of designer Chikankari

Fardi ka kaam
Fardi ka kaam , literally means dots . its the most widely recognized and loved form of Mukaish work. There are many sizes and patterns in which these dots are stitched and each has a different name.

 Hazar batti: Characteristics of Lucknow it is a thousand dots design.

 Hazar batti: Characteristics of Lucknow it is a thousand dots design.

Challa: Translates and manifests into ring

Tikki: it manifests into flattened sequins       

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